The Jewelry Trade Remained Very Limited

Wear color quality are excellent Kim rings, every move in the daily life, we can fully reveal your noble taste. Currently the world’s top five internationally recognized gems are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and gold emerald, whether it is from …Continue reading →

This Depression Touched On Many Jewelry Shops

According to statistics, at present Dominican Republic is the sole origin of Blue Perot; seventh Hong Perot, the general amber rosin is issued by the same burning smell, and some amber slightly due to the presence of aromatic substances can …Continue reading →

Our Jewelry Trade Is Conducted On The Basis Of Equality

But not because of the price increase is so big it blindly buy Emerald jade because different standards, there are many arbitrary price phenomenon, purchase risk, than the general identification of emerald jade identification difficult, after all, with investment value …Continue reading →

A Percentage Of All Jewelry Trade

When using this method must be noted that if the silver jewelry inlaid with precious stones, then, after the excesses need to wait for it to cool, otherwise it will lead to fragmentation gems, in addition, to maintain the luster …Continue reading →

They Opened The Country Up To Jewelry Trade

Gold and silver trading currency is used exclusively as a means of payment in international trade gold and silver coins (also known as hard currency). Gold and silver trading currency used in the main time is 1850 ~ 1940 colonial …Continue reading →

I’ll Trade You My Stamp Collection For Your Jewelry

Avoid contact between precious metal jewelry, it will rub against each other, causing unnecessary wear and tear, but also affect the surface gloss. Currently on the market better tiger eye stone necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry ring surface, and its …Continue reading →

On The Plank Of Developing Jewelry Trade

South Sea Pearl defects smaller, the higher the value. Every one million mussels, on average only one chance only output a flawless South Sea pearls. South Sea Pearl imprint on the cast just as each pearl unique qualities, adding personality. …Continue reading →

The New Policies Loosened Up Foreign Jewelry Trade

If gold is holding gold bars, gold bullion, gold ingots that kind of thing, because it itself is precious, so that, if the holders of a small number of words, you can go directly to some jewelry stores, pawn shops …Continue reading →

America’s Jewelry Trade Gap Widened

Pearl prices began rocketing in recent years, the domestic price of pearls year old suddenly pounced more than a few hundred dollars per gram high of 3 grams or more is more than million, if the finest ” Luminous Pearl”, …Continue reading →

Salesmen Of Jewelry Have Also Been Doing A Roaring Trade

According to honey yellow from the left opal, the left was honey yellow, milky white side, when illuminated from the right, the color is just the opposite. Cartier rings lettering and other jewelry brand lettering is a little different in …Continue reading →

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