My Collection Of Jewelry Box

Expert advice: “collectors choose persimmon red, carmine red, rose red color; because these are the Southern red agate superior chromaticity collection First look at the texture, superior South onyx, looks soft, moist feeling. visual effects comfortable; look integrity and body …Continue reading →

The Jewelry Collection Has Been Built Up

Speaking of zircon, we must first think of a variety of sparkling artificial stones, cubic zirconia and synthetic diamonds posing. However, there is a nature of this natural zircon gemstones, natural zircon English called Zircon, people belonging to the common …Continue reading →

The Jewelry Repair Job Was Not Easy

The reason why the price difference is large, mainly because the original beeswax only sought after areas in Eastern culture, are widely used in jewelry processing only thing nearly a decade, much less amber industry developed. Relatively small number of …Continue reading →

Control 80% Of The Jewelry Market

30 percent of traditional Tibetan silver plus seventy percent copper, but because of the traditional Tibetan silver content is too low, so now on the market simply do not add the silver, but rather entirely cupronickel instead. Tibetan silver is …Continue reading →

Fake Jewelry Is Flooding The Market

Ask when considering the purchase of gold necklaces and other design elements of style, but also need to consider the necklace itself, thickness, length quality. Note that the quality of the gold necklace is also very important, after all, the …Continue reading →

The Prize For The Best Jewelry Went To Pandora

Pandora jewelry known for it is really good quality resources, gold/silver/stones/beads and everything else. The actual resources can take a superb proper care of the arms and allow you to looks different from some others. Regardless of instances you, special …Continue reading →

Set The Tone For The Rest Of The Jewelry Store

Amber is known variety, origin also many, origin of amber are each has its unique characteristics, so the fluorescence reaction also vary. Therefore, we can react under different fluorescence to identify some of the specific origin of amber, although can …Continue reading →

Trying To Rob His Jewelry Store

The most important feature is the diamond hardness, it can draw any jewelry, and almost on their own without taking into account the damage, which is the other precious stones can not match. Moreover, the diamond has a lipophilic, grease …Continue reading →

When The Jewelry Designer Was Attacked

Tourmaline Cut refers to the ratio of its accuracy and modification cutting after the completion of perfection. Tourmaline shape design Meter, first according to the original stone cleavage, quality, weight, should be maximized to maintain the weight of the original …Continue reading →

We Went To The Jewelry Store And Nowhere Else

Lapis lazuli is an ancient gem, faint color solemn mystery, gorgeous appearance is self-evident, and is currently the world’s best lapis lazuli is mainly produced in Afghanistan, factors that can affect the value of lapis lazuli basis cracks, color, texture, …Continue reading →

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